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Richmondshire Remembers is a series of events that will commemmorate the men and women of the area in 1918 at the time of The Second Battle of the Somme both in the thick of the fighting and at home suporting the war effort.

The events will run from March, when the German High Command launched 'Kaiserslacht' which, with hindsight, marked the beginning of the end of the Great War, through to November 2018 - the actual end. A wide range of organisations, from the museums and schools, the choirs and performance groups as well as those groups that support the veterans - the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes - will be presenting and supporting special events.



The specially commissioned pin badge for Richmond Remembers, as seen on the right, is now available.

Donation of £2.50 each, profits to the Royal British Legion. Contact; Bob on 01748 824313





Wednesday 3 January – Sunday 11 November   Ribbon of Remembrance

The Green Howards Museum’s project to create a ribbon of remembrance linking those immediately affected by World War One with the modern day with the chance to walk the ribbon route with the project team – with the main walk taking place on the morning of Sunday 11th November, walking from Catterick Garrison along the ribbon route to Richmond in time for the Remembrance Day commemorations in Friary Gardens.



Monday 12 February – Friday 23 March                                 Green Howards Museum Exhibition

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Case of the Steel-Plated Soldier    

This is a special exhibition on tour from The Royal Armouries, Leeds


Tuesday 13 - Sunday 18

‘This Evil Thing’ – The Bert Brockelsby Story – one of the Richmond 16 conscientious objectors

Written and performed by Michael Myers in association with North Country Theatre

Tuesday 13 – Leyburn Arts and Community Centre     Wednesday 14 – West Burton Village Hall

Thursday 15 – Richmond Town Hall                           Friday 16 – Newton Le Willows

Saturday 17 – Masham Town Hall                              Sunday 18 – The Forum, Northallerton

Tickets  through North Country Theatre website



Saturday 11 

Installation of The Green Howards and Kaiserslacht casualties and poppy remembrance                                               

Friary Garden railings from 10am


Friday 16               Green Howards Museum Talk

Saving Lives:  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the campaign for body armour 1914-1918

Philip Abbott, Archives and Records Manager at the Royal Armouries reveals the story of the 1915/16 campaign led by Conan Doyle to persuade the Government to develop helmets, body armour and shields for soldiers fighting in the trenches.

Green Howards Museum            7pm                                                                       Tickets £5


Saturday 17          ‘Your Country Called’    Clarke Hall Theatre, Richmond School   7pm      

an evening of words, music, images and performance presented by WAGS Military Choir, Catterick and Richmond School Performance groups                                       

Tickets £7.50 Under 18s £3           Richmond School             Green Howards Museum


Wednesday 21 – Saturday 24     ‘Journey’s End’ by R C Sherriff                   7.30pm

presented by Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society in The Georgian Theatre Royal

Wednesday 21 March 2018 is the 100th Anniversary of Kaiserslacht

Tickets £7.50-£13.50                       Georgian Theatre Royal Box Office         01748 825252


Green Howards Museum Exhibition      Aftermath:  Living through the Peace

For every British and Empire soldier killed during the First World War, eight survived.  What did they go home to, what did society expect of them and how did they adapt to their new reality; a shifting political and social landscape and the continuing conflict they would have to face?  Using the personal stories of Green Howards soldiers, we explore these pivotal post-war years.



Sunday 1               New memorial plaque in Friary gardens to commemorate RAF 100 years


Friday 13                                                                             

Green Howards Museum Talk:                  Kaiserschlacht:  Two weeks which turned the War

The German offensive in the spring of 1918 so very nearly won them the war.  Carl Watts looks at the action of this strategically decisive period in world history

Green Howards Museum            7pm                                                                       Tickets  £5


MAY      Friday 18

Green Howards Museum Talk:                  Aftermath:  The exhibition talk

The museum’s major exhibition for 2018 looks at the end of the war, what followed, and how those involved adapted to life beyond the conflict.  View the Aftermath galleries from 6.30pm then join Museum Director, Lynda Powell and Assistant Curator, Steve Erskine from 7pm to find out about how this major exhibition was planned and presented. 

Green Howards Museum            7pm                                                                                       Tickets £5


JUNE     Friday 22

Green Howards Museum Talk:                  Shackleton’s legacy and a new route to the Pole

Polar pioneer, Ernest Shackleton trained soldiers to cope with the arctic conditions they would face on deployment to Russia in 1919.  Wendy Searle explains how Shackleton’s efforts have inspired her own endeavours and describes the challenges ahead as she leads her own expedition to the very bottom of the world.

Green Howards Museum            7pm                                                                                       Tickets  £10


Thursday 27 September

Green Howards Museum Talk:                  Herbert Read: our forgotten war poet

Green Howards Officer, Herbert Read  - knight, poet, anarchist

Carl Watts explores the military and cultural life and work of an extraordinary man.  

Green Howards Museum            7pm                                                                                       Tickets  £7






Sunday 4 November 10.30am to 4.30pm

Green Howards Museum            Your family story

Did your relative serve with the Green Howards? Was he a POW? Do you know where he saw service? The answers to these and many other questions can be answered at our special family history session.

Come along to the museum with your family stories of military service.  Our staff will be joined by experts from The Royal Armouries, The York Army Museum and The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Museum to help uncover the story of your relative’s participation in both world wars. looking thing you’ve had in the loft all these years!

Included in museum admission


Saturday 10        A Concert for the Armistice        Musicality and The Reeth Brass Band    


Sunday 11         Church bells to ring


                                ‘Reflections at Dusk’      an opportunity for the residents of Richmondshire to gather together in the bailey of Richmond Castle to reflect on the contributions of their forebears throughout the Great War.

                                Including a performance by Georgian Theatre Youth Theatre

 Town Crier special cry at 19.05


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