Richmond, North Yorkshire

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The Richmond Online Guide to Richmond, North Yorkshire

Richmond, North Yorkshire is a town of unique character and beauty which has changed little through the centuries.

With the variety of shopping and its many pubs, hotels and restaurants, the proximity to the most stunning scenery anywhere to be seen, Richmond remains one of the most beautiful and rewarding places to visit in the Country.

The Online Guide to Richmond, Yorkshire

Founded by the Normans in 1071 the town grew up around the castle built on the 'riche-mont' or 'strong-hill' that gave the town its name and whose massive keep dominates all other buildings around. The first of all Richmonds, the Town was an important regional centre in the medieval period, when royal charters were granted giving rights to hold markets and fairs.

The Georgian era was one of great prosperity for the town when many fine buildings were constructed, and one of the first gas works in Europe was built.

Many of the houses built at that time surround the cobbled market place, said to be one of the largest in England, with the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Obelisk rising from its centre.

The Online Guide to Richmond, Yorkshire

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Some information contained in the guide pages is taken from "A look at Richmond" by John Ryder, (ISBN 0 905826 00 0) © John Ryder/Welbury Press

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